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Want art? You came to the right place.


Howdy, I’m Britton Nicolson and I want to take your money in exchange for beautiful works of art.

Look, I’m just trying to be honest here. I’m a commissioned artist currently residing in Boston and I want to paint, build, design, and create whatever you need painted, built, designed, or created. 

I’m a maker. I can’t help myself. I can hardly finish one project before I start two more. I love to realize a vision and make it a physical reality. To quote a fictional, but great man, “It’s a good feeling. Sense of accomplishment and pride. Dammit… I just love it so much.”  - Ron Swanson, 2009

Interested in having a painting commissioned? Let’s chat. You can send me an email, hit me up on social media, or submit a request through this very website. Wowie! It’s almost as if I made it too easy for you to give me your money… you know, in exchange for artwork or whatever.

Hogies headshot.jpg

This is my dog Cuyahoga. She is old, overweight, desperately needy, quite smelly and perfect in every way. Every commissioned painting comes with a signed photograph of her. Lucky you.


 Check Ouy My Instagram Feed @brittonmakesart


Want a painting custom made just for you? Let me know about it!

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